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- Mo Moses

Home buyers are talking online.
Social Boost puts you in the conversation.

Four years ago,
we discovered a problem.

We knew that mobile technology was gaining ground over desktop, and marketing tools for realtors weren't keeping up. Most phones or tablets couldn't play videos because of Flash or other technical issues, and it created a huge divide in who could actually see the realtors tours when searching from mobile. So, we went to work creating the first video tour platform built solely around the mobile experience that would work across all devices and systems! And not only did it work, for the first time it allowed agents to build amazing video tours that included still images, panoramas and actual video clips built right into the tour software. Then, taking it a step further, we began the process of making the process even better by building a mobile app that allows agents to truly close the gap on their market. Imagine being able to build and manage tours on the fly? Or walking into a listing presentation with a Pre-Listing video already created. It's a wow factor times 10.

But we didn't stop there.

We knew that creating the tour was awesome, but what would change the game completely was being able to sync the tour videos directly with Facebook, and then being able to promote them instantly through boost technology. Think about it. People go to Zillow to look for houses, whereas Facebook users are engaged all day and all night. Real estate agents on Facebook can draw in consumers and build relationships before they take that intentional step of looking for a house. That is the holy grail for agents. Yeah...we're pretty stoked about what we've built...and we're not done. We actually think we've stumbled onto the wild wild west of marketing...and we're digging in to make it even better.

Happy Boosting,

Social Boost/iTour Team

Morbi porttitor egestas nulla, ut rhoncus neque rutrum in.

Morbi porttitor egestas nulla, ut rhoncus neque rutrum in.

Morbi porttitor egestas nulla, ut rhoncus neque rutrum in.

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